Sheryl Kinnison – An insight to a day in the life of a Nursery Chef…..

Here at Daybreak Nurseries we are always very conscious of our children’s nutrition and reflect this in our seasonal menus. We have key members of staff who devise healthy but exciting tea menus. They also sit down with our chefs and discuss the lunch menu in great detail in order to be able to provide the best options for all children, taking into account a varied diet and making sure all food groups are included sufficiently throughout the nursery day.

Q: Welcome back to Daybreak – what do you enjoy about being here and preparing the children’s meals?
Thank you, I’m really excited to be back and to start evolving the menu to include some really interesting flavours. It is so rewarding for me to be part of the nursery and see for myself the children really enjoying See the source imagetheir food.

Q. Are there any particular foods that you can recommend to new parents cooking meals for their children?
I find that they relish meals that are full of flavour – curries, for example – with lots of vegetables both blended into the sauce and some such as butternut squash or sweet potato in the curry. With the meat I cook it thoroughly so that it is really tender and not difficult to chew.
Q. What made you choose this as a career?
Being a mum myself I am passionate about nutrition and ensuring that children have the opportunity to have well-balanced meals. By working at Daybreak I can really contribute to this and have a work-life balance that earlier on in my career in catering was really difficult to achieve.

See the source image
Q. Is there a dish that you have prepared for Daybreak’s children that has been their favourite?
That would have to be the lamb tagine – not only does it fill the nursery with appetising aromas it is a dish that is sweet, full of flavour and colour – like sunshine on a plate – makes us all happy!
Q. Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to follow a similar career path?
Yes, work hard, put in the groundwork – start in professional kitchens to really learn the craft. The hours are tough but you learn from scratch and eventually it will all come together.


Thank you Sheryl for a lovely interview and we look forward to trying out lots of delicious dishes in the future!


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