Firework Safety – a handy help on the DO’s and DONT’s around the festive season.

Bonfire night safety…
Take a look at this very important safety guide for a fun filled Bonfire Night!


Did you know?
Fireworks can travel up to speeds of 150mph?!
It is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of 18.
If three sparklers are burnt together they will generate the same heat as a blowtorch!
Until 1959 it was illegal not to celebrate Bonfire Night in the UK.
Bonfire Nights original name is ‘Bonfire’!

As we all know, fireworks are dangerous. It is important to be very careful and carry out special precautions, always ensure an adult carries out these safety tips;
Lay out firework on its bottom or stand, ensure there are not any flammable materials or plants nearby.
An adult must always warn people before they are setting off the firework.
Please always stand well back at a firework display!
Remember to stay warm! We all know November is a cold month! Wrap up in your most comfortable snug clothing and don’t forget your thick socks, hats, jumpers, coats and scarves – and those ear muffs!
Always stay alert for health issues – if you or any other of your party suffer from heart problems, asthma or bronchitis it might be a safer idea to have fun at fireworks night inside! You can always turn of your lights for a better display!

The DO’S at Bonfire Night.
DO stand away from the bonfire and fireworks
DO light only one sparkler at a time, holding it at arm’s length.
DO only use sparklers if supervised by an adult.
DO keep a bucket of water ready for emergencies.

The DONT’S at Bonfire Night.
DON’T go near a firework after it has been lit.
DON’T go near a firework after it has been set off, let an adult clean up.
DON’T hold sparklers without any gloves,
DON’T give sparklers to children under the age of 5 years.
DON’T keep the bonfire in the way of objects.
DON’T use fireworks after 11pm. It is illegal.

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Sparkler fun!
Find an open space outdoors that is not too windy.
Always wear gloves to avoid getting burnt.
Get an adult to light the sparkler whilst you are holding the base of the stick.
Only light one sparkler at a time. Remember that sparklers are very bright and heated once they are first ignited.
Always hold a sparkler horizontally and away from your body and face as much as possible!
Have fun with your sparkler! You could try writing your name in the night sky.
Always extinguish a sparkler in a bucket of water.
Never touch the end of a sparkler, even long after it has stopped burning.





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