What does being “school ready” mean?

Hello Megan, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us today!
How are you liking your new adventure at big school?
“It’s great”megan
Are you making lots of friends?
What do you talk about with them/play at playtime?
“I ask if it’s ok to play with them”
“Can we play babies”
What do you find most exciting about your school day?
“Playing with my friends”
Is there anything that is a bit tricky for you to do/understand?
“Writing my numbers”
Is it exciting to see mummy/daddy at home time?
“Would like if daddy could pick me up one day”
What is your favourite time of the day?
“Playing outside”
Is there anything in particular you have enjoyed learning about so far at school?
“Harvest ….then paused…. We started learning the song today”

What class are you in?

What School do you go to?
“St Peter’s”

And finally, what is your favourite thing about School?
“Seeing my friends”

Thank you Kylie and Megan- we wish you all the best for school, please come and visit us very soon!


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