Daybreak nurseries – Staff averages….

As you are aware by now, here at Daybreak we have a diverse team of staff whom have a wide variety of ages between them.

Many have been through the process of starting Daybreak as their first job and many have joined us as they have worked through their childcare careers. Here at Daybreak we very much like to focus on our staff, especially celebrating their birthdays and the experience they have gained throughout working with us and other experiences they have implemented here.
As we are focusing on Staff perspectives we would like to show you a simple graph for each nursery setting, stating the age range and overall age of staff!

2017-08-09 (2)
We hope you enjoy what we have taken the time to do, we were very interested to see the outcome!
See below for the averages we have drawn up and stay tuned for more to come!

2017-08-08 (2)


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