Returning to work.



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1.    Welcome back Kylie, congratulations on your child! How does it feel being a mother of two and returning to work?

Thank you, it’s good to be back and getting into the swing of things again.

Being a mum of two, wow I haven’t really had time to stop and think about it. It’s such a crazy rollercoaster ride managing your time and then preparing for my return to work. But both girls are great, they get on very well which is a good thing haha… although my eldest daughter was convinced that bubba was only staying for a few days so that was funny trying to explain to a 3year old actually darling she is staying forever.


Returning to work has been ok. You get to the stage where you’re ready to get back to work. Having 8months off is great because you get to see all those important milestones… but 8months away from the work environment is like having forever off with lots of different changes to staffing, promotions, paperwork. It’s like walking into a new place.


2.   Now that you are back at work, how do you feel about having a child at Daybreak and your eldest at School?


It’s great having her at Daybreak and I’m very lucky to be able to have her at the nursery with me. The transitions from home to nursery work very well and the settling in process is great so she was able to meet her careers prior to actually starting nursery. I’m very lucky because both girls settled very well at Daybreak all the staff made this transition happen and made it such a smooth transition for them.


My eldest has settled well into Nursery School she loves meeting new people so it has really benefited her and she also gets to see her friends back at Daybreak in the afternoons which she is also happy about.




3.   Since you have been back at work for 2 or so weeks, have you found it easier or harder returning with 2 children?


I wouldn’t really say it’s harder neither easier. I’m the sort of person that just gets on with things and grasped very quickly that now there is two children to get ready, I have just had to manage my time better. With school/Nanny pick ups and drop offs. Don’t get me wrong I do sit in the car in the morning and am like right eldest is going here, youngest is going there and I need to get to work for this time. I must look like a crazy lady haha.




4.   How have the staff team helped your transition back to Daybreak?


All the staff have been great, welcomed me back and have updated me with changes and other information I needed. The main transition is ensuring both girls were settled and happy which they are so thank you girls for all your hard work.




5.   Have you found settling in to nursery transition any different for your second child, in comparison to your first child’s settling process?


No I have been very lucky both girls settled really well, we had no tears at all which is great and upsetting at the same time. Makes you think awww there very happy but then you think but hang on why are you not sad being left. Haha. I’m very grateful to the girls because they made those transitions easy for both the girls. Happy girls, happy mummy!




6.   How are you finding the morning now that you are doing a school drop off as well as dropping off your little one to nursery and starting work?


Time management, constantly looking at the clock ensuring we leave at the right time, but again as all parents know every day is different, hurdles get higher everyday especially if you have a 3 year old that has just got out of bed on the wrong side.


The school drop off is ok it’s pretty quick and I have the girls grandmother helping out also.




7.   How is your eldest getting involved with helping with the transition period for your youngest?


My eldest is great she is such a character that would brighten up any body’s day. She is always asking where her younger sister is going for the day. And when we get back to nursery she is very eager to see her in her room before she goes to see her friends. 




8.   And finally, any advice for parents facing a similar situation or thinking about returning to work?


My advice would be to do it! Get yourself back into the swing of things, as hard as it is leaving your children they really will benefit from meeting new people whether it be at a Day Nursery, a Nanny or a family member.


Working in a team really is great you all bounce off each other and it really brings the best out in you. Managing your time is key, but you will be surprised it comes as natural as being a parent.


Returning to work will really benefit you also, it will give you that much needed space that we all need sometimes. We have all been there, babbling away and then realising your actually sitting in a room full of adults (embarrassing) haha!


But yes enjoy your time off and see all those important moments and then when you and baby are ready then start to think about the next stage.


Good luck.






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